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Eckman, Strandness & Egan has successfully represented injured railroaders with the experience, compassion, and professionalism they deserve. Here are some examples of our many success stories.   Contact us if you or someone you love has been injured while on the job as a railroad employee.  We have the experience and talents to handle your case as well.



On July 25, 2008, a Milwaukee County Civil Court jury awarded $1,452,636.00 to Victor Valentino, age 55 of North Fond du Lac for injuries he received while working as a traveling mechanic for the Soo Line Railroad.

Although his job was basically a desk job, the railroad refused to give him his old job back and took him out of service.  During a week long trial attorney Paul Strandness convinced a 12 person jury that the railroad was 100% at fault. The jury awarded in excess of $1.4 million dollars to our client for past and future lost wages, plus pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.



A veteran New Jersey railroad employee was climbing a car's ladder when an engineer began connecting engines to that same line of cars. The force of impact threw the employee from the ladder and under the moving train. He was dragged 35 feet, severing both legs and an arm.

Through depositions and computer simulations, Eckman, Strandness & Egan convincingly proved the railroad was negligent. The jury verdict was $6.5 million. While this monetary award could never replace our client's lost limbs, it could help make life more comfortable for him and his family.


An Illinois railroad employee was using an under cutter machine to slice and clear beneath the tracks. The device struck an underground structure, lurched violently, and threw the employee against the machine. The railroader was plagued with excruciating headaches and ongoing neck pain. Medical tests revealed a herniated disc in his neck, for which a physician recommended surgery. Unfortunately, the operation did not relieve the employee's neck pain, and he was unable to continue working for the railroad.

The railroad denied any liability and also challenged the injuries and the railroader's need for surgery. Eckman, Strandness & Egan took the case to trial in a Chicago federal court. The jury quickly returned a $900,000 verdict, allowing payment of all our client's medical bills, plus a generous lifetime annuity as he embarked on a new career.


A railroad employee was changing a heavy center plate when he suffered a spiral leg fracture. The bone healed, but the chronic pain persisted. Doctors diagnosed a rare form of posttraumatic pain syndrome.

To prove the railroad was liable, Eckman, Strandness & Egan enlisted the expertise of an ergonomics professor, who concluded the "routine" plate-changing procedure was, in fact, extremely dangerous and exceeded government lifting guidelines by 300%. We also documented that our client would be unable to pursue any future occupation that could approach his earnings at the time of the accident. After extensive negotiations, the case was settled for $482,000.


Two car-repair workers in a St. Paul railroad yard office were preparing to begin their shift when a runaway freight train ran down a hill, crossed off its line, and slammed into a standing train. A second trail then derailed and careened into the office. While the building was demolished, both workers escaped with only minor physical injuries. However, their emotional and psychological injuries were so extensive that one employee was unable to resume her railroad career. Through relentless investigation, Eckman, Strandness & Egan was able to uncover the true cause and defect behind the runaway train. Both clients received generous settlements to help them not only face, but also enjoy, their futures.


A track foreman had suffered from asthma since childhood. The railroad company was aware of his condition; however, it continued to assign him to a terminal with known high levels of airborne grain and taconite particles. This exposure ultimately worsened his condition and made it impossible to continue his railroad career. Eckman, Strandness & Egan was able to prove the railroad was negligent in not providing a safe working environment for its employee. The jury, after determining the railroad was 75% at fault, awarded $630,000 to our client for past and future lost wages, plus pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.


A railroad maintenance foreman had parked his truck along a Minnesota highway. As he was climbing out to give his nearby track crew instructions, a large lumber truck rear-ended and sideswiped his vehicle. Although the railroader was able to dive back into his truck before being struck, he still sustained multiple injuries. His lower back injuries ultimately prevented him from returning to work.

On behalf of the injured railroader and is wife, Eckman, Strandness & Egan aggressively pursued all remedies available. We successfully recovered $235,000 under both FELA and Minnesota law, including the No-Fault Act and underinsured motorist benefits.


A railroad machinist suffered carpal tunnel injuries while using the railroad's old, heavy, and worn-out power tools. After having surgery on both wrists, the railroad returned him to the same type of work, despite restrictions imposed by his doctors. He then developed lateral epicondylitis in both arms, a disabling condition that ended his career.

Eckman, Strandness & Egan established the railroad knew the tools were defective and knowingly returned the employee to the same working environment, despite his doctors' restrictions. We successfully negotiated the following out-of-court settlement on our client's behalf: more than $380,000 distributed in monthly disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board, a $200,000 lump-sum payment, and over $200,000 in guaranteed future payments.

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personal injury lawyers
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