First Response to Farm Accidents
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The problems that farm accident victims face are often made worse by other factors unique to farm life. There are often lapses in time between the accident and its discovery, and emergency personnel may be delayed in arriving at the accident site. Proper preparation and the ability to make good decisions quickly are often the keys in helping a farm accident victim.

Although not intended as medical or legal advice, the following information gives general recommendations and procedures for the person arriving first to a farm accident. We invite you to contact us with the specifics of your accident for our legal analysis of your rights.


  • Stay calm at an accident scene.
  • Shut off equipment and remove other potential hazards at an accident scene. Don't endanger your own life to approach the victim.
  • Check the victim's airway, breathing, and circulation. Provide CPR as medically necessary. All farm workers should be properly trained and certified annually in CPR.
  • Control bleeding. If the injured part is not entrapped and is vigorously bleeding, immediately apply a tight pressure bandage.
  • Get help. If you discover an accident victim away from immediate help, assist the victim first. Call emergency personnel as soon as possible and be sure to report the exact location of the accident. Never hang up until the emergency operator tells you to.

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personal injury lawyers
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