Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does it cost me anything to call you?

No.  When you call us, we will meet with you and review the facts of your case for you at no charge to you.

2.  I've been injured.  When do I need a lawyer?

Not all accidents require the services of a lawyer.  If your accident involves an overnight stay in the hospital, if you suffered fractures, if you require surgery, or if your accident and injuries are likely to result in any significant time off work, you should have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney.

3.  Why shouldn't I wait to contact a lawyer?

If you have been injured in a serious accident, we advise you not to wait for several reasons. 

  • It doesn't cost you any more to get legal help earlier rather than later.  The fee is the same. 
  • You are losing precious time by waiting.  Evidence may disappear, witnesses may be overlooked, and memories fade, and it is important to start collecting evidence and statements as soon as possible.
  • The insurance company isn't waiting.  They are working hard with their lawyers to collect evidence and statements that will work to defeat your chance to recover money later.
  • If you wait to "see what they'll offer first," you will be pressured to make a counter-offer that may be too low.  Your lawyer can't later increase the amount of your demand if the numbers you set were already too low.

4.  An insurance company is calling me and asking me to give a recorded statement.  Should I?

If you have any question about whether the accident is entirely someone else's fault, you are better off not to give a statement.  Insurance adjusters are trained to get recorded admissions from you before you know what other witnesses have said, and any mistakes you make in your statement will be used against your later claims.  If in any doubt, don't give a statement.

5.  An insurance company is calling me and trying to get me to settle my case. What should I do?

Contact us immediately. Insurance companies save millions each year by reaching injured victims before they can consult with an experienced attorney. They understand that they can often get you to accept far less than you claim is worth by contacting you immediately. Remember, they have attorneys working for them every step of the way. Your case is too important to rush a settlement simply because they are calling you.

6.  How are attorneys' fees paid if I bring a claim?

All work we do is on a contingency fee (percentage) basis. That means that we are paid only when we are able to reach a settlement or obtain a verdict for you. The percentage fee is paid after a settlement or verdict and is calculated on the total dollar amount recovered.  There is no charge if there is no recovery.

7. How long will my case take?

Each case varies. It is always important to let injuries heal as much as possible to determine what permanency needs to be taken into account when dealing with the insurance company.  We never rush cases to settlement, because our experience tells us that approach is usually not successful. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial. We have found that approach is the most successful in fostering negotiations and in making sure each case could be successfully presented to a jury if necessary.  Our experience has shown this careful, thorough approach leads to a fair settlement in the vast majority of our cases. 

We're always willing to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the litigation process or your situation. 
We've helped thousands of people throughout our practice,
and we can help you.

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personal injury lawyers
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