Birth Trauma Accidents
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Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest time in a person’s life. Medical science has improved to the point that nearly all babies should be born safely with no damage to the child or the mother. Modern medical techniques allow doctors to carefully judge and monitor the health of the baby and the mother throughout the pregnancy. If problems are identified, steps can and should be taken to protect the baby and mother through the birth process.

Unfortunately, some doctors, nurses and hospitals disregard the warning signs of an “at risk” pregnancy and do not take adequate precautions to protect the child and mother. This can result in a birth with injuries to the child and/or the mother.

Eckman, Strandness & Egan works with trained medical experts who can identify mistakes in the prenatal care and birth process and can explain why a medical provider was negligent in attending the birth. These experts are also willing and able to predict future consequences of the birth injury and testify in court if necessary on the cost of protective procedures. Unfortunately, often the damage is done to the baby and a lifetime of disability or retardation are inevitable as a result. In these cases, as a parent, you have the responsibility of seeking legal damages for your baby to give the child the resources necessary to deal with his lifetime injuries. Only a lawyer trained in medical malpractice can protect your baby under these circumstances but you need to act quickly because the evidence of negligence can quickly disappear. Witnesses are lost, memories fade and only your child lives with the consequences.

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personal injury lawyers
personal injury lawyers
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