Slip & Fall Injuries - Frequently Asked Questions
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Is my landlord liable for injuries sustained on his property?

Perhaps. Generally, to prevail in a claim like this, you must establish, among other things, that the landlord was in control of the area, that the landlord knew of the defect or dangerous condition on the property, and that the landlord's inaction caused an injury.

What is an attractive nuisance?

An attractive nuisance is anything a landowner has on his property, other than a naturally occurring condition, that tends to attract children. Examples of attractive nuisances include, but are not limited to, uncovered swimming pools, dogs and other animals, and other items that may pique a child's curiosity. Having an attractive nuisance requires the landlord to take reasonable precautions to prevent children, who are unable to fully grasp the danger associated with the nuisance, from coming onto his property.

Are playground-related injuries a problem?

200,000 preschool and elementary school children visit emergency rooms annually for treatment of injuries sustained while using playground equipment. About 70% of these injuries occur on public playgrounds. Approximately 35% of all playground accidents result in severe injuries such as fractures, concussions, dislocations, internal injuries, and amputations.

What types of playground equipment cause the most injuries?

Children falling off of swings, monkey bars, climbers, and slides account for the majority of these injuries.

Should I contact an attorney if I have been injured on another's property?

Yes. It is important for you to contact us to help you protect your legal rights. Only a licensed attorney can evaluate whether you have a case that is worth pursuing. Keep in mind however that there are time limits (Statute of Limitations) which impact on your ability to bring a claim.

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personal injury lawyers
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